“We are about lifting up humanity. These are tender hands making these pieces and it’s important to recognize that.” 

- Katie Coleman, Founder & Compassionate CEO

The Lady Faith donates 100% of the proceeds to the women.

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Weavings hand-crafted on a backstrap loom.

Colors made with plant & vegetable dyes. Benefiting you, the Ladies, and Mother Earth.

  • Kimono

    Beyond a dress, kimonos can easily be dressed up or worn more casually - as a bathing suit cover up by day, and a flowing layer at night. Offered in lightweight cotton Ikat designs, or warmer Flower Weave fabric, choices abound. 

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  • Wrap

    Gorgeous in color, and elegant in the drape, this unique Bamboo Wrap is a show stopper. Gradient tones in all colors that take your breath away. For cool or warm weather, worn around the shoulder or as a luxurious infinity scarf.

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  • Poncho

    The Lady Faith Poncho is like no other, in bamboo chenille or solid woven cotton. Pair it with a beautiful top and jeans, your favorite dress. It’s fantastic with leggings, add a belt and a pair of boots to make a sexy statement. 

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  • Capelet

    Our Lady Faith Capelet transports you by the energy, the drape, and the glorious touch on your skin. The capelet colors are so unbelievably beautiful, you just want to touch it. You will want to put it on - with everything. 

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  • Cotton

    Ponchos & Kimonos

    cotton material
  • Bamboo


    bamboo material
  • Bamboo Chenille

    Capelets & Ponchos

    bamboo chenille fabric

“I absolutely LOVE my Chenille Poncho! It is so well made and the colors are lovely. It feels so good to wear something so beautiful knowing I’m honoring the woman who made it - that I am contributing in some small way.” 

- Lee Aldridge, Asheville, NC

Who We Are

Clothing made with heart. 
Sustainable, Hand-crafted, Conscious and Compassionate.

Katie Coleman, Founder

Inspired by the women, the stunning colors and drape of the fabrics, the spiritual purpose and blessings of love in each piece, the Lady Faith was created.

Welcome! We are so happy you found us.

Please join us growing our sustainable happy economy in Guatemala.

In the steep verdant hills, known for its Mayan villages, is a small town on Lago de Atitlán in Guatemala’s southwestern highlands - where the women for generations have woven their beautiful fabrics.

And where Katie discovered them, and their works of art.

Vegan plant-based dyes, embroidery weaving, working in the dirt by the lake, not in a factory, hand made. You won’t find it in stores.

Beautiful colors that you don’t see anywhere else.  

The contrast, the vibrancy - it’s Mother Earth, and their hands.

Their beautiful hands - old and young, the art, the technique, the feeling of the cloth and the needle, passed down from their ancestors.

And the garment comes alive.

You can’t help but gasp when you see it - It’s emotional when you see something beautiful and you touch it.

The feel, the drape, that color.

And there it is - a piece of Divinity, right in your hands.

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  • Kimono

  • Wrap

  • Poncho

  • Capelet

woman wearing a wrap