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Love shopping here. Kind, caring staff with beautiful merchandise that helps to support others in need.
Beautiful jewelry with special meaning.
I received a beautiful bracelet from Lady Faith and I love the quality and the way it looks on me! Thank you!

Fashioned by Earth Made by Hand

 Lady Faith is proud to offer our own in-house sustainable fashion. Our modern products use age-old techniques for hard-to-find richness and character. Made by direct trade partners we've known for over a decade. 

A Tale of 3 Cities: What I learned from a world in pandemic

In this unprecedented time we’ve had an invaluable look at just what sort of differences this world can yield. Recent events have shown the difference between worlds and necessity to support each other.

Passion, Travel and Beauty: The Story of Lady Faith

As I began to travel throughout Mexico something kept repeating. These beautiful outdoor markets with precious stones, the same artisans in and out of the street day after day. This connection to the people and the gift of these stones had some sort of magical quality for me.