Ethical, Sustainable, Beautiful

Vegan Plant-based dyes, embroidery weaving, working in the open air studio by the lake. Not in a factory.

From the Land of Eternal Spring

In the beautiful Highlands of Guatemala, at the edge of Lake Atitlan, is where the Mayan village of San Juan La Laguana lies, the home of our exclusive source of woven goods.

Artesania Maya, a Fair Trade Women's Weaving Cooperative, is lead by Clementina Vasquez (pictured below), one of the master artisans who manages the cooperative. Here over 30 indigenous backstrap weavers dedicate themselves, and their art, to preserving the ancient tradition of backstrap weaving. Clementina and the artists welcome anyone to come observe this sacred cultural process of creating beautiful things from the ground up. 

Our intention is the same as theirs - to make each garment a work of art, unique and distinct with beauty and meaning.  Applying their age-old traditions in new ways, we are building a vibrant economy with increased economic opportunities for themselves, their families, and community.

The technique, passed down from Mayan ancestors, allows the garment to come alive. You can’t help but gasp when you see it - it’s emotional when you see something beautiful and you touch it. The feel, the drape, the color. And there it is - a piece of Divinity, right in your hands.

Faith Colectiva

Our Mexico Team & Our Sister Store

For almost 18 years, Minerva has built Faith Colectiva to a thriving boutique in the heart of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Her natural business sense and commitment to her community, she and her family provide training and jobs for women and their families through their handmade blessed malas, bracelets & and other devotional crystal jewelry.

Artesania Maya

Our Guatemala Makers

Founded in 1993, Artesania Maya is a cooperative of indigenous women artisans who are masters in the ancient techniques of back-strap weaving and embroidery. 

Lady Faith is a supporting partner and through this collective, we are creating opportunities for weavers in historically marginalized communities with fair pay and safe working conditions.


Our Guatemala Liaison

William, our trusted guide, bodyguard, and good friend, for the past 18+ years has made our buying trips an absolute joy and wonderful success. 

He takes care of everything in Guatemala, and loves helping us bring these treasures to the U.S. for all to enjoy and wear with the love they were created with.


Conscious shopping. Irresistible clothing.