A Tale of 3 Cities: What I learned from a world in pandemic

What makes Lady Faith is our international connections, the connect to and collaboration with our artisans and creatives that make our vision what it is - and the products we all wear. 

In this unprecedented time we’ve had an invaluable look at just what sort of differences this world can yield.

We think we have it bad in the US, but think of the financially challenged or economically lopsided countries that don’t have our infrastructure, our food supply and ways to get help when we need it. Whether it be by geographical, geopolitical or economic circumstances it is eye-opening to consider what difference a border may make and the systems that play a part within it.

Our little shop is located in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Within a 3-day span, back in the middle of March, the Canadian government told all Canadians they must leave mexico, or they would have no insurance when they came home. 

The airport was soon packed with Canadians rushing home trying to get any flight they could. The tourists disappeared and Puerto Vallarta became a ghost town. 

All businesses were shut down. 

When you think of the beaches in PV, you think of the vendors dressed in white trying to sell their wares to a steady stream. Now there is no one to buy a thing. 

Our shop has struggled. The shop was closed for a couple months, and now there are rumors of a second wave of the virus to shut the shops down again. They will soon have an online presence and we hope this will help.

In Guatemala, the factories are shut down. It is the smaller work places, the families, that are making masks and what ever they can to sell to the US. The shipping companies have half the staff, so artisans and small business owners stand in line and wait to send their shipments north. Even so, the journey to make its way here is more tumultuous than normal. Their price to ship is 10 times what we pay here. 

Through these times of change, our team of women weavers and our tee shirt maker have reached out to me. Although they typically have additional sources of income, the need for work has increased and I’d like to help. 

I know what they can do and design and the beauty their work can inspire.

Next month (September) I am switching over to Shopify in an effort to give you a site that is easier to navigate, purchase items on your phone and dive deeper in our world. 

We will be debuting a new line of clothing and accessories for the first time in years - gorgeous shawls, ponchos, tee shirts, sweatshirts, and of course, brand new woven ikat masks and gaiters from Guatemala. 

If you’d like to be notified of our beautiful new shop, send over your email below. Thanks for reading, we all look forward to having you be part of this new world of Lady Faith.

Written by Theladyfaith.com Admin

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